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Our 6 Favorite Bob's Burgers Episodes

April 30,2021


Ear-Sy Rider - Season 3, Episode 1

As a skateboard company, this one’s really a no-brainer—it’s also one of Kalis’ favorite episodes. When an older high school kid steals Louise’s beloved bunny ears, she has an existential crisis as she spends the next few days trying to get them back. Eventually, she enlists the help of a biker gang in town for their former leader Horny Dave’s funeral. The bikers scare the skateboarders straight, get Louise’s ears back, and everything is restored. Fun Fact: 

This is the only time we see Louise without her ears, but she keeps her head covered with a hoodie so we don’t see much.

Memorable quote:

Louise on skateboarders: “Those guys are just little acne covered kittens.”  We feel attacked!


Full Bars - Season 3, Episode 2

It’s Halloween and the kids are disappointed with their candy haul so they take the ferry out to Kingshead Island where the rich people live. Things are going well as their bags fill up with full size candy bars. But, local teenagers are on the prowl, stealing candy and egging the smaller locals. The kids risk, and eventually lose their candy haul, when they save their friends from the teens. Meanwhile, at Teddy’s Halloween party, Bob accidentally kills Teddy’s pet guinea pig by rolling on him in his fat suit. A typically chaotic Bob’s episode.

Memorable quote:

Gene when he sees the country club golf course: “It’s like a huge miniature golf course.”


O.T. : The Outside Toilet - Season 3, Episode 15

In an homage to E.T., Gene befriends a magical talking toilet in the woods. Yes, a toilet. But a sinister toilet hunter named Max Flush is trying to track down the $14,000 toilet. Gene gets his family and friends to move the toilet to a power source before its battery dies. Turns out the toilet was stolen and the police arrest Max Flush. Unfortunately for Gene, he doesn’t get to keep the toilet.

Memorable quotes: 

Louise: “Why don’t I ever get to wear dead peoples’ clothes?”

Gene: “I’ll never get to have anything nice, like a bag of flour, or a toilet.”


The Kids Run the Restaurant - Season 3, Episode 20

It’s fleet week. One of the busiest days for the restaurant. But with the kids horsing around, Bob is distracted and cuts his finger while prepping food. Bob is a baby about blood and he passes out twice. Linda runs him to the ER to get stitches. He passes out again. While the parents are gone, the kids open an illegal underground casino in the basement. Louise runs up a $5,000 debt to their landlord Mr. Fischoeder playing games of rock paper scissors. Bob comes back and saves the day by throwing an unexpected scissor on an all-or-nothing bet with Fischoeder. The stitches come out, blood squirts all over and Bob passes out one last time. A masterpiece.

Memorable quote:

Mr. Fischoeder: "A bet is a bet, Bob. I once lost $30,000 on a horse. She just ran off with it."


The Handyman Can - Season 10, Episode 19

Outside of the Belcher fam, Teddy is by far the best Bob’s Burgers character. Not just the handyman, he’s their most loyal customer (he eats at least one burger a day), and an even more loyal friend—with a not-so secret crush on Linda. In this episode, Teddy is suffering a crisis of confidence in his handyman skills and is refusing to do any work on the restaurant. As a result, the kids’ planned trip to the trampoline park is in jeopardy. In their attempts to boost his confidence so he’ll fix the problem ASAP, each of the three kids tells a fantasy tale where Teddy saves the days with his competent handiwork. There’s an insane Waterworld scene, but prop designer Anthony Aguinaldo told us that he particularly enjoyed designing Gene’s story where Teddy turns the restaurant into a giant robot to fight off a giant farting lizard.

Memorable quotes:

Teddy: “I’m too sad to eat. Maybe I’ll have a burger… actually, can I have two?”


Boyz 4 Now - Season 5, Episode 21

Tina’s favorite boy band is in town. Louise hates boys and definitely has no interest in a boy band concert, but she begrudgingly accompanies superfan Tina to the concert. But, once the band takes the stage, is love struck by the band’s youngest member, Boo Boo, and his lush blonde head of hair. Louise, who has never liked a boy before, struggles to come to terms with her crush and she starts acting like all the other girls that she has been making fun of all night.

Memorable quotes:

Louise: “Why would you waste a scream on a boy band? Screams are for roller coasters, or axe murders, or Dad’s morning breath.”



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