DCV87 Lynx by Lucien Clarke

July 17,2023

DC x DCV'87 is a collaboration between DC Shoes and Lucien Clarke's brand, DCV'87.

The collaboration introduces the DCV'87 Lynx, a unique combination of a Lynx Zero upper and Lynx OG sole, a hybrid designed by Lucien and custom-tailored to his personal preferences. Lucien Clarke personifies DC's unique positioning at the intersection of style, performance, skateboarding, and fashion. Jamaican-born, London-bred Clarke has traversed an eclectic path through life - from his career as a professional skateboarder to one of the most influential faces of streetwear.

To support the collection we worked with renowned photographer, Julian Klincewicz to create 2 limited edition printed zines highlighting the imagery captured on the trip. The larger one titled “JAMAICA” is more like a lookbook - with the smaller zine “KINGSTON” showcasing Julian’s signature grainy style of macro crops mixed with vibrant landscapes of the Jamaican coast.

By Julian Klincewicz


By Julian Klincewicz


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