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What's Happenin' | Jahmir Brown

September 10,2020


Photo: Heikkila



Yo Jahmir, what’s happenin? How do you feel?

I’m feeling great man! Thank you very much, happy to be here.


Seems like you went from working at Nocturnal straight to full blown AM status. How’d that happen?

Well, I was working at the shop for like 4 years, right outta high school. I was looking for something else so I quit my day job and started skating more, filming more, looking for more side jobs. Next thing I know I’m getting free shoes, free boards, free trucks, free everything. And now I’m here like a year later.


You pinch yourself yet?

Yeah, I pinch myself like 45 times a day (laughs)


Well deserved man! Your part was so good!! Always refreshing to see Philly VX footy. Tell me more about skating with Kevin Bilyeu and with Penny, It seems like you guys are a really tight crew. 

Skating with Kev is just like skating with my closest friend, it’s always a good time skating with him. With Penny, he’s always been looked upon as one of the big time filmers. Even when he wasn’t a big time filmer yet he was still looked upon in that nature in Philly cuz of what he did with his camera and what he does on his skateboard. Becoming friends with him has been great. We get to make beautiful art together.

Check out the Jahmir Brown DC Part Video


Where were you Born and Raised?

Born and Raised in southwest Philadelphia. And I reside in west Philadelphia, not too far from where I grew up.


It’s rare you see someone blowing up in the city they’re from but things are happening in Philly right now. How do think skating in Philly might differ from spots on the west coast?

I mean, when you skate something out here there’s more of a community. There aren’t people trying to one-up you or trying to rush to the spot. Its more just like, I wanna go do this. It’s always very close-knit community style, very respectful skating. You know?


You speak about community, tell me what community means to you and how important it is to skateboarding?

Community is very important to anyone doing anything in life. Whether it’s working a regular 9-5 job or skating, because if you don’t have people supporting you or rooting for you it’s hard. There’s a lot of pressure in the world and you always need help and it’s nice to have people that you trust and people that you feel comfortable being around. Whether it’s someone new or been around for 7 years if they’re in the community and they fit, and they add something different to the table then it just makes it more unique every time. The community gets bigger and bigger and now you’re a part of everything going on in that community. I’m always cheering my boys on.


Sounds like your part that just dropped is only a taste of what’s to come, I heard there is a DC Sabotage edit in the works for 2021?

Yeah this just the beginning man, we just getting started! Your boy got a chance to work hard on something so now y’all see what it do when we really get to work. So let’s get to work!!


What are some dreams you hope to achieve one day?

Well I hope to be able to skateboard for as long as I possibly can, but outside of that I wanna just be able to travel and shoot photography, listen to soul music, and maybe own a business, get into some real estate and have some more security in life. I’ll figure it all out when the time comes, but for now let’s get these clips.


Outside of skateboarding, what are some things that interest you?

Just hangin’ out, taking photos, and listening to soul music. 


Tell people about soul music…

Soul music is the original. Any song you like from EDM to Trap to Rock & Roll to Punk Pock - it all came from Blues/ old jazz. I grew up in a household that played that a lot so to me it’s very special and it allows me to thrive because it tells stories and its very relatable. I’m passionate with my art. Soul music is the foundation. 


Thanks for catching up Jahmir. Any thank you’s or shout outs?

Yeah, I wanna shout out my Mom, Q3, J-sun, Penny, ILP, all my sponsors, especially DC for taking care of ya boy. Making me get out of the country… I went to Milan! That’s crazy. Shout out anyone that’s ever skated Love Park, City hall, or Muni. Thank you.

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