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What's Happenin' | Thaynan Costa

June 18,2020


Photo: Heikkila


Check out Thanyan in Domino. Watch Video


Yo Thaynan, what’s happenin?! Where you at this very moment? 

What’s up!!! I’m just laying down in my house in Lisbon listening to Raimundos. Had a really good day at the beach with some of my friends.


Your Domino part just dropped on Monday! How do feel about it?

It feels special to be a part of project alongside some of my longtime friends. I’m really happy on how everything came together.


How long had you been working on that part? 

It was more or less for a year, maybe a little more. Filmed mostly in Portugal with Galli. I really enjoy skating around Lisbon and how the spots look with all the colorful architecture and shitty ground hahaha.


Who else are you looking forward to seeing in Domino? 

I honestly want to see the whole video together, when all the parts come out I’ll watch all together. Josef, Jaakko, Madars, and the montage. Can’t wait to see all of it!


What are some of the best places you visited when filming for Domino?

I went on a trip to Seoul that was one of the best trips I ever had. The locals were really cool and they have an amazing energy. At the end of the trip I almost changed my ticket. Thank you Hotminator and Mike for showing us the best time. 


Any crazy stories from the trips? 
We were in Morocco and Jaakko was trying an Ollie over a really tall bar and it was kinda of a sketchy place. There was a lot of kids watching and they were borrowing everyone’s boards. Afterwards he landed and the locals were like “let’s pack and go”, as soon we get in the van to go, they were trying to open the back to get the boards. One of the locals had to stay outside till we drove out of that block. I was surprised to see that.


The last few months have presented us all with a global lockdown. Did that make finishing your part a bit harder? 

Last clip I got for the video was beginning of January in Barcelona before the lockdown. 


Where were you at when the lockdown began?
When the lockdown started I was in Barcelona, and I didn’t realize how crazy things were, but after a couple days I got a flight back home it was a good feeling. Here in Lisbon the lockdown has been pretty mellow. People understood and took it very serious.


What have you been doing to kill time during quarantine?
At the beginning I was drawing a lot and spending most of the days at a little beach by my house, it’s kinda hard to get there so I was isolated by the water, and it felt really good and was actually something I really needed. Also went on a bike trip down to the south with four of my close friends. It was a great experience, biking for 6 days, camping on empty places by the sea and seeing almost nobody along the way.


Let’s flip the script.  What made you decide to go vegan?
I just wanted to try it out to see how my body would feel, and I noticed I had more energy, and felt lighter. It improved the way I felt so I just kept it going.  Used to wake up with headaches feeling all lazy. Not any more.


Does being Vegan make finding a decent meal on trips harder? 

It’s a little harder but it all depends where we go, but most of the places we've gone have at least one vegan meal. We went to Morocco and it wasn’t that easy. I just have to get a lot of fruits for the day and it’s good.

Do you live with your family in Lisbon?

Yeah, I live with my dad, it’s pretty fun. We have more like an older brother relationship. He’s definitely my best friend.


I hear you changed your Dad’s diet into shifting to vegan, and now he cooks better vegan food than anyone else on the planet. What’s your favorite vegan dish he makes? 

Hahahah!! It’s awesome and he’s so good at cooking every time I come back from a trip he has something special so I can try out and give an opinion. I love when he makes scramble tofu, simple but it’s so good. 


Plans for the future?

Get a driver’s License.


FS wallride yank Photo: Gaston

Gaston Front board pop-over | Photo: Gaston

Photo: Astleford

Thaynan & Domino videographer Jack Thompson | Photo: Astleford

Thaynan flash art | Photo: Astleford

Caveman nosegrind | Photo: Heikkila

Switch ride-on 50-50| Photo: Heikkila


FS half cab BS 5-0 | Photo: Heikkila

50-50 ollie over the wall | Photo: Heikkila



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